I want to change the brewery experience in Milwaukee. My promise: never make the same beer twice.  Visiting a brewery is a lot of fun. You get to see how the product is made, meet the team responsible for creating the beer, and support a local business.  But when you return to the brewery, it’s the same five boring beers on tap.  My brewery will showcase small batch, uniquely flavored beers – AND PROVIDE YOU WITH NEW CHOICES DURING EVERY RETURN!

“Mark Mahoney is making two beers for Firkin Fest on July 22.

Despite not having a bricks-and-mortar brewery, the owner of Mahoney’s Basement will pour samples of his Irish Breakfast Stout (brewed with a full box of Cocoa Pebbles) and nestled in Jameson-aged oak. He’ll also have Not From Concentrate, an India Pale Ale using a new malt variety.

Mahoney is hoping to get honest feedback on his brews and possibly investors. Enjoy that Irish Breakfast Stout, because Mahoney promises to never make the same beer twice.

Mahoney, who learned the business from the marketing communications side, hopes to open a brewery in the Cooper Park neighborhood.”